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  • Very pleasant visit, prompt service, pleasant staff seem to Be very organized & informative!

    Joyce Maples – May 29, 2020
  • Through explanation of problem, kind, compassionate, On time appointment. Great staff

    Pamela Schoonmaker – May 29, 2020
  • Very professional and nice staff. Dr. Cuff was professional and pleasant. He was on time. Highly recommend.

    Laura Hopkins – May 29, 2020
  • Dr. Cuff is the best of the best. One week after a total shoulder replacement and I am totally pain free and feel great. Highly Recommend Dr Cuff.

    John Severini – May 29, 2020
  • Top Doc. His personality creates great confidence in the patient. What use to be called “bedside manner “. He’s a guy you’d like to play a round of golf with.

    carl weist – May 28, 2020
  • From start through nine month check up always impressed with the surgery, the follow up visits, the information imparted, and the care given to put me on and keep me on tract for highest recovery of shoulder ability. Kudos and many thanks.

    Robert Walton – May 28, 2020
  • Always personable and professional. good advice and good listening

    larry rosenbloom – May 28, 2020
  • I was greeted by very nice professional staff, they were courteous and friendly. Dr. Cuff was fantastic and quickly identified my problem.

    Jim Rhea – May 22, 2020
  • Though I waited 45 minutes felt relaxed and comfortable. Well aware of how busy Dr. Cuff is at this time. Happy to be able to get to see him and talk to him.

    Joseph Alba – May 22, 2020
  • He did my rotator cuff surgery and was wonderful. Had very little pain from the surgery (hardest part was the rehab but, being diligent about the exercises paid off and it’s great now). The only downside was a few times having to wait in the exam room for 30 minutes or more, altho there were times that they were right on schedule and the appt was very quick. Definitely recommend Dr. Cuff!

    May 22, 2020
  • Elbow issue Dr. Cuff fully explained conditions in a friendly and easy to understand manner.

    George Acosta – May 22, 2020
  • I have been dealing with significant shoulder issues for the last 20 years. In December I fell on the ice and the resulting major tear required surgery. Dr. Cuff repaired the shoulder in February. I went through his strict protocol, and have had no significant pain since surgery. I have regained substantial range of motion through his suggested Physical Therapy program. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my shoulder surgery.

    John Turner – May 20, 2020
  • Dr Cuff is caring, considerate and very knowledgeable. He is good at services he provides and does it in excellence.

    May 18, 2020
  • Dr Cuff and his staff is exceptional! Professional and compassionate top notch care. Thank you Dr Cuff

    Linda – May 16, 2020
  • The staff at Dr. CUFFS office were absolutely amazing and then when I got to meet the doctor himself he was super nice super attentive and sat down and spoke with me and made me very comfortable and explained thoroughly what my condition was. I left my appointment very satisfied and with a smile on my face I would highly recommend this doctor to anybody

    Holley A Van Vorhes – May 08, 2020
  • Dr. Cuff said I was one of the worst falls he had seen! Thank God Dr. Cuff was at the hospital that day! I had the best doctor! His staff, all very nice, & professional!

    Nancy Rammel – May 04, 2020
  • Came in for a cortisone shot in shoulder. Dr Cuff was professional, caring and very efficient as always The office staff is wonderful and very professional I have recommended Dr Cuff to many people and will continue to do so

    Fred Stewart – May 01, 2020
  • I saw Dr. Cuff for a second opinion about a problem I am having. He was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and personable. He gave me plenty of time to talk. I would not hesitate to see him again.

    L.G. – Apr 30, 2020
  • Dr Cuff has given me my arm and shoulder back. He answered all my questions about the procedure. His office is sparkling and they take extra precautions about Covid-19.

    Joelle Lau-Hansen – Apr 28, 2020
  • Dr. Cuff was very helpful even though it turned out to be a neck problem and prescribed the best medicines to treat my pinched nerve. The meds are definitely working and I hope it keeps on helping me and I don't have to see Dr. Ball.

    Jacky – Apr 26, 2020
  • He entered the exam room; acted as if we’d been good buddies forever; explained why my shoulder causes me pain; and made absolutely sure I understood there are remedies to try before surgery should be considered. Then he asked if I had any questions and he didn’t rush me. Truly a great experience! Thanks Doc

    George V Cohen – Apr 24, 2020
  • Doctor Cuff was most attentive and informative. He made sure I understood his observations and concerns as well as the diagnostic and treatment paths going forward.

    Pete Alces – Apr 23, 2020
  • Dr. Cuff is amazing. He explained everything and truly cares about you and your recovery. We are lucky to have him.

    Alan Brinson – Apr 23, 2020
  • Prompt and thorough. Personable and easy to understand.

    Melanie Winnicker – Apr 23, 2020
  • Dr Cuff and his staff were friendly, efficient and Professional

    Barbara Vitolo – Apr 17, 2020
  • Doctor and staff are great.

    Karen Garling – Apr 17, 2020
  • Dr. Cuff and staff made my rotator cuff operation experience comfortable and informational. I appreciate the hard facts and up front consultation what I have to do and perform to get back to normality. My PT was smooth. The best thing is follow instructions and recovery will be quicker.

    Robert M Snyder – Apr 16, 2020
  • I had arthroscopic shoulder surgery February 2019 with excellent results. Dr. Cuff said it would take a year to completely heal. I had a couple of issues and now one year later am completely pain free and have full range of motion!

    Cheryl in Nokomis , FL – Feb 04, 2020
  • Dr. Cuff did a total knee on my dad and the surgery went so well and smoothly. Quick recovery. Other surgeons would not even see my dad for his rotator cuff because of his age, Dr. Cuff looked at my dad as a person, realized how tough he was and had a high tolerance for pain, he also realized that not being able to do repairs and things around the house would really bother my dad. Dr. Cuff did his rotator cuff surgery and my dad was so happy and had a super quick recovery. I really like that he looks at the patient as an individual. And he is an excellent surgeon.

    Aug 16, 2019
  • At age 72, my husband had Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement surgery. We are amazed at how much progress he has made in only 6 weeks. He is now out of the imobiliser and has started his 6 weeks of PT. The PT therapist is right across the hall from Dr. Cuff's office. It is critical to follow Dr. Cuff's PT schedule, if you want to end up with a great outcome on your surgery.

    Venice, FL – Aug 16, 2018
  • In the dictionary next to the words Top Orthopedic Surgeons you will see the name Dr. Derek Cuff. I am a RN and I had a bizarre fall where a attic 2x4 snapped leaving my scapula fractured in 3 pieces. After 7 days of misery at home with this fx, let down by a well-known Ortho doc in B'ton. I reached out to a friend and he told me about Dr. Cuff. Dr Cuff did an amazing job repairing me. I'll always be grateful & highly recommend him for ANY Ortho needs. He is down to earth, real, and real good.

    Paul in Lakewood Ranch, FL – May 16, 2018
  • Dr Cuff is a caring, d dedicated doctor. I highly recommend him

    Margaret Paquette in Venice FL – Apr 07, 2018
  • Dr Cuff is caring and thorough. I felt completely confident that I would be well taken care of. This is my second rotator cuff surgery with Dr Cuff. I wouldn't have gone to any other dr.

    Mary Luce in North Port FL – Apr 02, 2018
  • I thought I had blown my shoulder. Had been weak and painful for nearly a year. Did X Rays and MRI. When I came to hear the bad news He told me my rotator cuff was OK. A Little frayed, and some Arthritis. He suggested a Cortisone shot. After the shot, fire went all the way around my shoulder. 1 day it was useless. He said to give it 6+ days and after which the shoulder got better and better. At this point I would have to give him a big Thanks.

    P.D. carter in Oscoda – Feb 13, 2018
  • I have only excellent things to say about Dr. Cuff and his team. I had a total shoulder replacement and the day after I came home I didn't need anymore pain meds. The care is incredible compared to some others that I have known that had this done. Great Dr, Great office personnel and great experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Cuff and his team.

    Y. Abrahamson in FL – Jan 25, 2018
  • Everything went very WELL, I heard the HORROR stories about that surgery. I am in week number 5, and everything is GREAT. HE is a great dr, I admire his abilities to use those 3 instruments and do what HE did to put my rotor cuff back together. and YOU EVEN GET PICTURES....Recommend HIM..100 PERCENT.

    Joyce in Port charlotte – Jan 21, 2018
  • I was very impressed with Dr. Cuff.. I felt his approach resolve my concern was spot on. I would highly recommend him.

    Stephen Wurster in Port Charlotte fl – Jan 19, 2018
  • I had rotator cuff surgery by Dr Cuff 9 weeks ago.. I am starting my 3rd week of physical therapy and the therapist says I am making significant progress. I owe it to Dr Cuff.

    Jan 14, 2018
  • Great doctor highly recommend easy to talk too, good care, very helpful answers questions.

    Nancy Cohen in venice fl – Jan 07, 2018
  • I"ve seen Dr. Cuff for rotator cuff repair and tennis elbow (both arms) and have found him to be highly competent. He fully explains the procedure and does so in layman's language so that I understood what he was talking about. Should I have any future problems I'll definitely go back.

    Venice – Dec 28, 2017
  • Very good interacting with patient, Focused quickly on my concerns, and provided excellent treatment to address them. Efficient and friendly front office.

    Dec 27, 2017
  • I made an appointment to have my shoulder evaluated due to pain and impaired movement. I anticipated a diagnosis of torn rotator cuff and had prepared myself for surgery. Good news! After a concise examination, Dr. Cuff diagnosed frozen shoulder! After an antiinflammatory injection and a month of physical therapy, I am in great shape! What a relief!

    Venice, FL – Dec 20, 2017
  • I have seen Dr Cuff for a frozen shoulder and also for golfer's elbow during the past 4 years and I have been very satisfied with my experience. He is very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend him.

    Englewood, FL – Dec 18, 2017
  • I saw Dr. Cuff without knowing what was wrong, would I need surgery, would I get full movement back? It didn't take 5 minutes for Dr. Cuff to put all my fears to rest. Wow, what a great doctor combining expertise with a comforting manner. I wish I could clone him for all my doctors! I've already referred people to his office.

    Punta Gorda, FL – Dec 17, 2017
  • You just don't find Drs like Dr Cuff so nice and such a fabulous Dr. He did both my shoulders and both my shoulders r perfect now.Very easy to talk to and he listens. Doesn't keep u waiting forever Just can't say enough good things about him ????

    Englewood FL – Dec 15, 2017
  • Dr. Cuff has treated my shoulder for three years. He is kind, competent, and accessible. I would recommend him with no hesitation

    Kathleen Economides in Venice, FL – Jan 31, 2017
  • I had rotator cuff surgery May 31, 2016 with Dr. Cuff, and the entire experience was first rate. My shoulder feels great with full movement, no restrictions and no pain. Dr. Cuff is personable, easy to talk to, and answers all your questions and concerns. He walks you through the process, including photos of what needs to be done and your post surgery photos. If you follow his instructions to the letter, including mandatory physical therapy, you'll be perfectly happy with the outcome.

    Maureen McDowell in Rotonda West, FL – Oct 29, 2016
  • I had my surgery done on May 2,2016 and it was a very good experience because I am now without pain in my left shoulder after suffering with it for years. I am glad I did it.

    Muriel Borchsenius in Englewood, FL – Jul 08, 2016
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